Calling All Faith-Based Coaches!


"I built and launched my program in just 3 months!
It was SO worth it! Thank you Cassie & Heather!"


From struggling coaches to
 6-Figure CEO's
Just two years ago, we were exactly where you are...
Tired and frustrated at what lies beyond our 1:1 clients. Serving them lit our soul on fire but not at the expense of all our time. 

Figuring out how to transition to a group coaching program that actually sells was a daunting and time consuming task. 

The options and details were overwhelming. And to be honest, we did it all wrong the first time. We had to face facts. We were struggling. Established? yes; but not financially growing.

Struggling Coaches vs. Go-to Expert Coaches

Go-to expert coaches realize they need tangible results for their clients and an activation process to get them there. They need higher-level thinking and chain-breaking, belief-busting real talk. They hold their clients to a higher standard and invest in support to hold themselves to a higher level. 

Go-to expert coaches have moved past solving surface level problems like vision, clarity, potential, fulfillment and purpose. They realize God put these desires in all of us and solving deeper rooted problems will also address these surface level issues. They now understand the deeper rooted the problem, the more urgency for it to be fixed. The more urgency, the quicker they are to invest in support.

The greatest thing about go-to expert coaches is their ability to create massive client transformations and scale their income while only showing up once a week to coach!
Your dreams are still… Possible!
How to become a Go-To Expert Coach 
We call it a 6-Figure Offer. And it's exactly what took us from struggling to 6-Figure CEO's. 

 Creating a 6-Figure Offer allows you to reposition your EXPERTISE for higher conversions, frees up your TIME from serving one-to-one while creating a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience for your future clients inside a group coaching experience...
We see you
You’re time-fatigued mama and moving towards burn out. 

This stunts creativity, motivation and clarity... 

That’s the problem. Let’s fix it! 

Packaging your expertise into a framework that gets your people incredible results is the easiest way to scale without the overwhelm!
Whether you’re too paralyzed to know the next right step or you tried the group coaching thing and it flopped, our Six Figure Offer Framework will give you the step-by-step playbook to start running the business you're still dreaming of. 

From your offer to the structure of your program...

To leads to sales and everything in between...

We're going to show you exactly how to become a go-to expert coach!

The Good News? You don't need millions of followers, group members, or an online presence that makes you feel icky to be successful...
When you use the proven Six Figure Offer Framework, you will have the step-by-step plan you need to up-level your leadership and consistently sell your high ticket offer in a way that highlights you, your expertise and your one-of-a-kind framework, which makes you a sought after authority!

Inside our Six Figure Offer Framework we will show you how to be a fully present mom and wife FIRST while being a thriving coach with clients who adore you second...

This is a God-honoring principle that we hold on to with an ironclad fist. 

Let's do this together!

Your 6 Figure Offer Coaches...

We are two Jesus-loving coaches who know what it’s like to try to do #allthethings. We know the struggles that come with growing an online business while raising a young family. Add to that keeping our faith and beliefs at the center of our lives and businesses and it can feel overwhelming!

Thankfully, God is so good and instead of losing hope in our future dreams, we invested in support, we invested in prayer and dove into the scriptures. As a result, God revealed a better understanding of our strengths and how to best utilize them for His kingdom.

Together we can do so much more than either of us could do alone. It was then and there we made it our mission to use our failures of the past and our strengths of the present to support other faith-based coaches in fulfilling their dreams through a thriving and profitable group coaching program.

Hi! We're Cassie & Heather!

For established coaches ready and willing to invest in the right support.

The Six Figure Offer
The Six Figure Offer is a hybrid group coaching program designed with your success in mind!  Experience personalized support  to free up your time, scale your coaching business to new heights and create your own 6-figure framework… with a whole lotta love and support along the way.
I am confident that I am looking at the long game now  rather than “survival”. I am in full swing with executing all that Heather & Cassie have taught. I am beyond  thrilled I jumped on this opportunity!! Worth the investment!

Alison Roae-Break the Binge Health Coach

You are ready to

take your next big bold step

in your business if...

  • You want to serve more clients but serving clients individually is eating up all your time...
  • Those double digit,000 months have been sounding oh so dreamy for... well too long, right? And you're beginning to question if the problem is you or your offer...
  • You're an amazing coach, a wealth of knowledge and love working! But you're ready to spend more time with your family...
  • You want to confidently feel like a sought after authority but feel like you're swimming in a sea of fish bigger than you...
The Six Figure Offer is a step-by-step framework with unparalleled support, a very strategic and one-of-a-kind process, with one goal in mind...

Transform what you do into a MONEY-MAKING group coaching experience that allows you to add to your profit each month while having more time to enjoy guilt free vacations, play dates, shopping sprees and coffee dates!

It is time to create an offer that provides the 
freedom you crave!
For established coaches ready and willing to invest in the right support.
Does your Current Business Model Include:
A business that gives you the time and money freedom to design the life you want— and not the other way around? A business without both time and money freedom is just an expensive hobby!

Imagine building a business that leaves you full and over-flowing, not burned out and exhausted! Setting things up the right way with a group coaching program allows you to focus on giving back and making a real difference!

Do you have a vision for your life that incorporates your business into the bigger plan that God has for you and your life? Your God-given vision is a big one and you’re committed to making it a reality #nomatterwhat!
You get to create the life you want with the Lord at the center! You get to do all this while still showing up for your audience, reaching new people, serving your clients at a high-level, and making that money without feeling icky!
Can you envision a minimum of 6-Figures rolling into your bank account every year from clients who love you?  Dream big and trust that you will not serve money, but use it as the tool it is to do great things for the Kingdom!
Do you see yourself mentoring and supporting other new business owners as they pursue their calling? Your success has the potential to impact so many more lives than you can imagine! It's time to Make a Change!
If you want to prevent offer-hopping and staying stuck in the one-to-one zone with a business you can’t scale, then you need to shake up your biz model!

Let's do this together!

For established coaches ready and willing to invest in the right support.

Imagine bringing in 1-3 new clients every month. Leads coming in on autopilot. Business feels simple.

The Six-Figure Offer is an engaging, supportive, interactive program with targeted coaching support in each of our expertise while relying on wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Plus, a private community of fellow believers in business, all in addition to the accountability, strategy, and framework needed to create your Money-Making 6-Figure Offer that will propel your coaching business into new levels of success.
"...this is the first program where I have actually committed and completed all the homework. Thank you Heather & Cassie!"

~Monique Horb Founder of "Organize Your Chaos Community+Program"
Master the secrets to attracting your most dreamy, favorite people to work with at this new level! This goes far beyond simply knowing your ideal client. This is the backbone of your offer's success. Without people, you have no buyers and we're looking for the RIGHT people so we can scale this baby with ease and send people away with a transformation they are raving about! 
Value $1997  Included in The 6-Figure Offer
Woo-hoo! Give yourself a huge pat on the back because when you move into Phase 2, you're taking all that magic you just mapped out in phase one and putting together your very own high-ticket, high-converting framework!

This is where the first half of your client's transformation is going to take place and we are equipping you with our proven formula to showcase your immense value!
Value $1997   Included in The 6-Figure Offer
It's starting to get real! Can you feel it?!
In Phase 3, you're mastering the systems and skills that create visual selling appeal to your buyer. Now hold up because this is probably not what you're thinking! 
When you can show your potential buyers your offer is organized and well prepared and they can visually see it, this will appeal to their buying taste buds.

So let's make your framework tasty! Don't just give them the ice cream, give them the ice cream, sprinkles, cone, whipped cream and cherry on top! 
Value $1997   Included in The 6-Figure Offer
Yessssss!!!!! It's time to take all that tastiness you just organized in Phase 3 and PLUG. IT. IN!! 
But if you're trying to record content and plug everything in the right place at the same time as selling, then you're sales will plummet off a cliff. We're talking deep dive into the waters below. Eeek. We don't want that to happen to you (been there, done that. Wasn't cool.) 

To prevent that from happening (hey-you're welcome! ) we created this phase to simplify the overwhelm and get 'er done! 
Value $1997  Included in The 6-Figure Offer
Opt-in has become the new Jo Shmo. And it's exhausting! In Phase 5 you're narrowing your focus and energy to create a lead magnet that show cases your unique one-of-a-kind framework. 

Wouldn’t it feel better to have a list of dreamy clients ready to join your high-level group coaching experience than a bunch of subscribers who never buy? 

Feed your meaningless opt ins to the trash monster (we did and it was fantastic!🙌) and create a lead magnet that is positioned for sales. Meaning it is less about list building and more about sales conversions. 
Value $2997  Included in The 6-Figure Offer
You just created this awesome framework based lead magnet designed to do a lot of the heavy lifting in your sales process... 

And you created this incredibly powerful & unique framework...

In Phase 6 it's time to get your framework & lead magnet out in the world and showcase the expert you truly are! We're going to walk you through different 
set and forget strategies to utilize so you can build your business without relying on consistently showing up. 

With templates and tutorials to ease the stress of implementation, you're just 30 days away from being set for ongoing sales as you focus on enjoying your family, serving your clients and closing more sales!
Value $2997   Included in The 6-Figure Offer
In addition to all of the trainings above, you will also receive:
  • Weekly group coaching sessions to support you in offer creation decisions, sales, copy, messaging, mindset and personalized strategy
  • ​Weekly Feedback opportunities where your actions for the week are reviewed and given valuable feedback so you can make progress even faster.
Value $2997   Included in The 6-Figure Offer

Total Value $17,000

But you don't have to pay that!
For established coaches ready and willing to invest in the right support.
"I had all these different pieces of my offer, but no idea how to pull it into a framework and put it in action. Heather and Cassie helped me focus on the 1 thing that was most important and bring it to life" 
- Patti Edwards, founder of successful networking marketing women
"Working with Cassie and Heather inside the Six Figure Offer allowed me to build and launch my program in 3 months ! It was SO worth it. So worth it!"
- Maureen Spell, Creator of the Mompreneur lab  community and coaching 
"I now have the tools, the confidence, and the clarity to know how to  make 6-figures. You taught me how to stand in who I already am in Christ  and move forward with confidence."
- Tamara White, creator of The courageous woman coaching


Six Figure Offer


Will take you from time strapped, burned out and overwhelmed...

 To building a high-converting, scalable offer that is strategically structured for sales. You're walking away with every component of your 6-figure business laid out and in your hands. 

INCLUDING an incredible lead magnet for bringing in consistent leads on autopilot and evergreen traffic strategies to consistently show case it! 

The best part of this live group coaching experience is the mentorship and expertise you get from both of us in our own special skillsets. From messaging to offer structure, pricing to mindset, sales to evergreen strategies... we've left no stone unturned! Your success is what lights us up and keeps us going! We desperately want to create a success testimony for you. 

You will also find the accountability and mastermind from fellow believers in business during our group coaching sessions, and you will receive the targeted, personalized support and feedback that you need for YOUR specific business through our weekly coaching sessions. 

The 6-Figure Offer Program is like having an entire team of coaches, cheerleaders, and fellow believers in business linking arms with you as you commit to raising the bar. 

Our past clients have made incredible progress and great friendships with like-minded business owners along the way and we want the same for you!
For established coaches ready and willing to invest in the right support.
Here is what you're getting inside the
6-Figure Offer Program...
The complete 6-Figure Offer framework:
Your simple and step-by-step guide to building your very own scale-able 6-figure offer. Delivered across 6 months of weekly trainings, group coaching sessions, templates, tutorials and customized feedback to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. 
($6,000 Value)
A Private Business-Building Community
Designed with your success in mind to boost your accountability and grow your confidence! Hosted in our private community off of Facebook where you will be able to partner with other women of faith on the same journey to 6-figures! This is where you will access all trainings, calls, and content without getting distracted and frustrated at all the moving parts.
 ($1,200 Value but really….priceless!)
Monthly 6-Figure Goal Setting and/or belief shifting Sessions:
To keep you motivated and moving forward! On these 30-minute calls, you’ll set your goals and intentions for the month — and be given the pep talk you need to achieve them. This is where we go deep so you can break through to the other side. Hint: it’s where all the money, freedom, impact and adventure is waiting for you!
($497 Value)
Monthly Hot Seat Offer Creation Coaching Sessions:
Never get stuck again! What is the difference between a ho-hum course and a life-changing program? Coaching and support! During these monthly hot-seat coaching calls you will find the support you need to get crystal clear on mapping out the components of your 6-figure offer!
($997 Value)
Monthly sales coaching:
We practice sales every month! From messaging and copy audits to sales conversations we've got you covered. 
You'll be ready to hit the ground running-you will be ready to sell with confidence! 
 ($997 Value)
Resources, frameworks, templates & guides to support you every step of the way:
The tools you need to see success! We've gone before you and made the way easier with a comprehensive 6-Figure Offer Workbook, frameworks, templates, and guides. These are the tools you will turn to time and time again as you build your 6-figure business!
($300 Value)
Live Support and feedback from 2 faith-based coaches:
Get the best of both worlds...Heather's coaching on faith and sales and Cassie's offer strategies and business brains! How often do you get access to two faith-based coaches for the price of one?! 
 ($1500 Value)

For a total resale value of over $17,000!
(but don't worry, you won't be paying that....)

Here is what you will have access to inside the 6-Figure offer
Delivered across 4 months of weekly trainings, group coaching sessions, and feedback threads to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. 
($2,000 Value)
outside of Facebook where you will be able to access your community and find all of the trainings without getting distracted and frustrated at all the moving parts.
 ($1,200 Value but really….priceless!)
On these 30-minute calls, you’ll set your goals and intentions for the month — and be given the key mindset work you need to do to achieve them. This is where we go deep so you can break through to the other side. Hint: it’s where all the money, freedom, impact and adventure is waiting for you!
($2,500 Value)
What is the difference between a ho-hum course and a life-changing program? One-on-One coaching and support! During these monthly coaching calls you will get crystal clear on exactly what you need to be doing in YOUR unique business to start reaching those 6-Figure numbers!
($4,000 Value)
Join together with our team of fellow business-building professionals as we answer questions, address mental blocks, and get clear on the exact steps to take next in order to build your 6-Figure Framework.
 ($1200 Value)
Are you ready to turn your 1:1 coaching biz into a money- making group  coaching machine?
Look what else you're getting!
How to build your community using mighty networks
A step-by-step tutorial for those looking to maintain that community aspect outside of Facebook. 
We give you the strategy behind setting it up for sales, short tutorials and a checklist.
If this is your next step after our program, then we've got you covered! 
 ($500 Value)
Sales tracking system for scaling your profit
Everything we're doing with you is prepping you to scale. That's why we found it an absolute no-brainer to gift you a copy of our Sales Tracking System so you can have the system in place to watch your profit scale! And yes, we have also included a tutorial on how to use it. ;)
($97 Value)
Building a 6-figure mindset Bonus module
We know how badly you want to earn 6-figures consistently in your business, but are you ready? 
If your heart and head are saying 2 different things it will be 100x more difficult to make headway in your business. This is why we are including these 4 powerful bonus lessons completely free, for you to get started on before you're ready to start selling your 6-figure offer. 
($147 Value)
6-figure business brain (clickup template)
We are so serious about seeing you and your business succeed that we are giving you full access to our Signature 6-Figure Business Brain.  This is a ClickUp template you can download straight away and start utilizing it's organizational power immediately! 
Everything you need for your high-converting group coaching experience is organized and waiting for you just a click away! 
($497 Value)
pay in full BONUS:
Captivating copy sales page audit
Imagine having a Certified Conversion Copywriter audit your sales page and help you find the exact words to best showcase and sell your offer.

Hey there! I'm Heather Dollar a Certified Conversion Copywriter and in addition to all the great knowledge you're already getting in the program, you can also eliminate the overwhelm of getting your sales page right. I look forward to diving in!
For Pay-IN-Full Clients ONly

For a total value of OVER $25,000
(and no, you won't be paying that much either...) 

Don't wait another minute to turn your 1:1 coaching biz into a money-making group coaching machine! 

2 Payment Options to Fit Your Budget:

For established coaches ready and willing to invest in the right support.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How much time do I need to dedicate to seeing success inside the Six Figure Offer?
While we've built this program with busy schedules in mind (we're working Mama's, we get it!), it does take putting in some work to see results. We recommend setting aside 2-3 hours per week to watch the trainings and implement and attend the coaching call.
Where do I need to be in my business to get results from the Six Figure Offer?
We recommend having worked with some clients prior to enrolling in the Six Figure Offer for best results. If you are a coach or service provider and currently work with one-on-one clients or have an existing course/program you are looking to restructure and repackage into a scalable model, then you are ready for the Six Figure Offer!
Do you offer a guarantee?
While we know you're going to love it inside the Six Figure Offer, we do offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you get inside the program and realize that it's not a great fit for you and your business, no worries! Simply message one of our team members and we will take care of you.
What if I miss a coaching call?
No worries! We understand that life happens. All calls are recorded and replays are loaded into the program within 24 hours. You may submit your question or feedback request in the weekly Call Thread inside the community and your question will either be answered on the call or sent to you in a personalized video from one of the coaches. (We have members who LOVE this feature as they work 9-5 jobs and can't always get away.)
Have other questions?
 DM the word 'GROUP COACHING'  @faithandsales on Instagram

You haven't a applied for a call yet. What is your hesitation? 
Maybe you're not ready to become a go-to expert coach. That's okay. Download this free Roadmap and come back when you're ready.

Free 6-Figure Roadmap

How to turn your coaching biz into a 
Time-Saving, Money-Making 
Group Coaching Machine! 
A step-by-step guide for coaches.

Are you ready for a high-converting offer you can finally leverage and scale?

2 Payment Options to Fit Your Budget:

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